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Uwallet Services

Umniah Services / Online Payment

Pay your Umniah bills without incurring any fees through the UWallet or Umniah app.

Money transfer

Transfer funds from one person to another, or to a merchant, business, or government entity, both locally and internationally.

To transfer money through the UWallet app

  • After entering your password, go to the main menu and select Money Transfer.
  • Once the Money Transfer screen, fill in the box with the number of the person you want to make the transfer to, and fill in the box with the amount you want to transfer in Jordanian dinars. Verify the transaction by pressing Continue.
  • The summary of the transaction will appear on the screen, check the details, then enter your 4-digit PIN code to continue.

Once the transfer has been successfully completed, you will receive an SMS with the details as well as the new balance, which will include all the fees that have been deducted.


UWallet can be used to pay utilities and telecommunications bills, fines, real-estate taxes and professional association dues, to name a few, among others. The eFawateercom service covers more than 82 billers and 360 services, all available on UWallet.

To use this service, select the eFawateercom icon on the UWallet application..

Cash in / Cash out

  1. To withdraw cash, visit an Umniah showroom, a participating currency exchange company or a store that provides the UWallet service. To complete the transaction, the owner of the wallet will have to present valid identification as well as the phone number associated with the wallet.
  • Provide the employee with the phone number associated with your wallet, and the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Fill out and sign the withdrawal form.
  • The employee will withdraw the amount from your account through the system. You will then receive an SMS with an OTP that should be given to the employee, which verifies that you are the owner of the wallet.
  • The employee can then make the withdrawal, complete the transaction on the system, and hand over the cash to you.
  • You will receive an SMS notifying you of the transaction, showing your new balance as well as the commission fees deducted during the transaction.

2.You can cash out from any Cairo Amman Bank or Jordan Kuwait Bank ATM, using their card-less services.

  • Access the UWallet app.
  • Select Cash-out from ATM and enter the password you receive via SMS.
  • At the ATM machine, select the Card-less Services option.
  • Then select UWallet or Mobile Phone Services.
  • Enter the phone number associated with the wallet.
  • Enter the number sent to you by SMS.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • You will receive an SMS confirming the occurring withdrawal, minus the commission fees.

3. You can also cash out through the UWallet MasterCard, via any local or international ATM machine.

Ceilings for the amounts withdrawn from the wallet.

  • If there are enough funds in your wallet, you may withdraw a maximum of JD1000 per transaction from any Umniah showroom or currency exchange companies that offer the UWallet service.
  • Withdrawals from ATM machines are limited to JD500 per day.
  • As the ceiling per transaction are regularly updated in line with Central Bank of Jordan guidelines, visit the UWallet website regularly for the latest news.

Is there a minimum or a maximum for purchases/ transfers/ withdrawals/ deposits through UWallet?

There are clear limitations imposed by the Central Bank of Jordan for all transactions conducted from UWallet accounts. These are indicated in the following table, though they are updated from time to time.

TransactionCeiling per transaction

In JDs

Cash deposit to the wallet (Cash in)JD1000 per transaction
Cash withdrawal from Umniah showrooms, currency exchange companies, and stores that provide the UWallet servicesJD1000 per transaction
Cash withdrawal from local ATM machinesJD500 daily
Transfer from person to person, merchant or businessJD500 per transaction
Transfer from merchant to person, merchant or businessJD500 per transaction
Salary transfer from business to personJD1000 per transaction
Loan transfer from business to personJD3000 per transaction
Transfer from business to merchantJD500 per transaction
Cash withdrawal through the local card-less ATM serviceJD500 daily
Payment through eFawateercomUnlimited


This is a product, exclusively available to UWallet customers, offers a new way to conduct financial transactions such as purchases at certain points of sale, online shopping, and cash withdrawal from ATMs easily and safely, both locally and internationally.

How to obtain a UWallet MasterCard

Open a free UWallet account, deposit any amount into the account, keeping in mind that the wallet’s balance is the same as the balance of the card.

The advantages of the UWallet MasterCard

  • Payment for purchases at points of sales, locally and internationally
  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs, locally and internationally
  • Shopping and paying online
  • Discounts and other benefits at partner stores
  • The card supports Near Field Communication Technology (NFC)
  • The card is safe for online shopping
  • The card may be requested through all authorized UWallet agents across the Kingdom
  • To find your nearest UWallet agent, call 0788001333
  • Issuing fees for the UWallet MasterCard are JD5
  • The card is valid for three years

The ceilings for UWallet’s MasterCard Transactions

Purchases from local points of saleJD500 per transaction
Internet shopping – local websitesJD500 per transaction
Withdrawals from local ATMsJD500 per day
Purchases from international points of saleJD500 per transaction, with a maximum of JD5000 per month
Internet shopping – international websitesJD250 per day
Withdrawal from international ATMsJD500 per day, with a maximum of 5 transaction or JD2000 per month
  • The ceilings indicated above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Terms and conditions apply 

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