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About UWallet

As part of its expansion strategy for electronic payment services, and in line with the Central Bank of Jordan’s vision for financial inclusion that includes the launch of the JoMoPay system, in 2014, Umniah established a financial solutions company in cooperation with strategic partners for payments through mobile devices. Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, the company, which boasts more than 24 years of technical experience, provides state-of-the-art electronic payment services.

This partnership formed  an integrated consortium that included, along with Umniah, which owns the largest share at 66%, six major Jordanian banks (Cairo Amman Bank, Bank of Jordan, Bank Al Etihad, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Jordan National Bank, and Housing Bank) along with Network International, the world’s leading financial services company (formerly known as EMP), as well as the Women’s Fund Company, and the Women’s Fund for Microfinance, both which are specialized in entrepreneurial support.

Subsequently, UWallet was launched as the company’s new trademark product, offering an innovative digital transaction platform.

UWallet, previously branded as Mahfazati, provides its users with a new, safe and effective way to make instant electronic payments, enabling them to use their mobile phone to processes payments, make purchases, and transfer funds directly from person to person. This innovative technology reduces the need to deal with currency, limits the risks of losing money, along with numerous other advantages, and is especially beneficial for those with no access to traditional banking services.

Through UWallet, customers are better served within an integrated and effective environment that provides cutting-edge financial and digital services such individual financial transfers, bulk transfers and bill payments. Today, UWallet is a leader in the local digital financial transactions market, serving clients nationwide across the entire spectrum of sectors.

Upon the directives of the Central Bank of Jordan, all contracts related to mobile payment will be made with Hulool Company.

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